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     In the past I have supplemented my income by fishing the professional redfish fishing tournament trails and tarpon tournaments held in Boca Grande Pass. Most of the more lucrative redfish tournaments were held on the upper Gulf Coast. The BP oil spill help end all that. I am now retired from all tournament fishing and now focus all of my energy on my fishing charter clients and my family. The following is a list of my results during my fishing tournament career: Scroll down the page to check out some of the photos.

Top five finishes

2009 ESPN Redfish Cup Elite (Chalmette, La)                           3rd place

2008 Redfish Cup Elite Championship (Biloxi, Ms)                        4th place

2008 Redfish Cup Elite (Pensacola, Fl)                                    3rd place

2007 FLW Redfish Series (Titusville, Fl)                                  2nd place

2007 Redfish Cup Allstars (Clearwater, Fl)                               3rd place

2006 RFN Series Championship (Orange Beach, Al)                       2nd place

2006 PTTS Championship (Boca Grande, Fl)                                1st place

2006 FLW Redfish Series (Jacksonville, Fl)                                5th place

2006 RFN Series (Ft Myers, Fl)                                            5th place

2006 PTTS Event #1 (Boca Grande, Fl)                                    5th place

2006 PTTS Event #4 (Boca Grande, Fl)                                    5th place

2005 FLW Redfish Series (Titusville, Fl)                                   1st place

2005 IFA Redfish Tour (Sarasota, Fl)                                      1st place

Top Ten finishes

2008 Redfish Cup Elite series (Punta Gorda, Fl)                     9th place

2007 Redfish Cup Allstars (Morehead City, NC)                     7th place

2006 FLW Redfish Championship   (Pensacola, Fl)                    6th place

2006 FLW Redfish Series (Titusville, Fl)                              7th place

Top Twenty finishes

2009 ESPN Redfish Cup Elite (Punta Gorda, Fl)                       20th place

2008 Redfish Cup Elite Series (Port Aurthor, Tx)                  14th place

2008 FLW Redfish Series (Punta Gorda, Fl)                        12th place

2008 FLW Redfish Series (Sarasota, Fl)                           18th place

2007 Redfish Cup Allstars (Orange Beach, Al)                     11th place

2006 Redfish Cup Championship (Morehead City, NC)             11th place

2005 FLW Redfish Series (Jacksonville, Fl)                        13th place

2006 IFA Redfish Tour (Tampa Bay, Fl)                            12th place

2006 IFA Redfish Tour ( Ft Myers, Fl)                             12th place

Tournament photos

FLW Redfish Champions This is a press release photo from the FLW when my redfish partner Mike Laramy and myself won the FLW Redfish Series event out of Titusville, Fl in August 2005

IFA Redfish Champions A few months later I won the Inshore Fishing Association Redfish Tour Event out of Sarasota, Fl with fellow guide Capt. Shane Miller in October 2005

Professional Tarpon Tournament Series Champions In June of 2006 while fishing as a member of Team Lake & Bay we won the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series Championship Event in Boca Grande Pass.

First Place Tarpon Fishing We also took two 5th place finishes for the tarpon tournaments during week #1 and #3.

Great Tarpon Fishing Week #1 ( Professional Tarpon Tournament Series)

Third Place Redfish Cup Allstars Third place finish at the Redfish Cup All-star Event in Clearwater, Fl.  February (2007)

Redfish tournament North Carolina 7th place finish at the Redfish Cup All-Star Event in Morehead City, NC.  October (2007)

Redfish 2nd place finish at the FLW Redfish Series Event at Titusville, Florida. March (2007)

Redfish 2nd place at the Redfish Nation Series Championship in Orange Beach, Al.  September 2006.

Palm Island Redbone Champions 2008 Palm Island Redbone Tournament

Above: Winning Team (l-r),

Paul Wingrove, Capt. Scott

Hughes (guide), Steve

Stanley and Vanessa


3rd Place in Chalmette, Lousiana. (August 2009)


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