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Below are some photo's to showcase the world class tarpon fishing that is available in Southwest Florida from Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound and Fort Myers.

charlotte harbor tarpon fishing charters near burnt store marina, Punta Gorda, Florida 

"Early Morning Hook-Up" with a tarpon in Charlotte Harbor, Florida.

Big tarpon jumps on Charlotte Harbor's eastern shoreline.

This is a "Tarpon Fishermen's Dream Morning". Flat calm, cloudy and a big tarpon on the line!

Sometimes tarpon are caught in very shallow water. This tarpon was hooked and landed near a beach south of Boca Grande Pass. I don't agree with towing a tarpon to the beach for a picture. It must be landed where the photo is taken for my customers to get a in water photo.

Florida Tarpon Fishing April through October

We landed this tarpon while fishing a shallow flat in Pine Island Sound.

Tarpon success near Boca Grande Pass in Pine Island Sound 

"Tarpon success" in Pine Island Sound, near Fort Myers, Fl.

Wild tarpon jumping near the boat in Charlotte Harbor

This photo is titled "Wild Tarpon" 

Tarpon fishing during the fall tarpon run near Punta Gorda, Florida

Fall tarpon fishing near Punta Gorda, Florida

A Nice tarpon caught off the beach of Boca Grande 

Unfortunately, this tarpon was bit in half by a large bull sharks just minutes into the fight. We were only 50 yards from the public beach on Boca Grande.

Guided tarpon fishing charters in Florida

More nice tarpon late season tarpon to the boat. Note the "blackwater". These tarpon were caught in Charlotte Harbor which has lots of brackish water. These tarpon were caught in September.

Tarpon fishing Boca Grande beach Boca Grande tarpon fishing charters

Tarpon on the beach!

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing This tarpon was caught while fishing in Boca Grande Pass.

tarpon guides These two you anglers are doubled up on two tarpon while sight fishing large schools of tarpon offshore of Boca Grande Pass.

Kids fishing for tarpon This was the first of the two tarpon to be landed.

tarpon fishing The second tarpon was landed a short time later.

tarpon jumps The is a great picture of a hooked tarpon jumping while fishing off the beach of Boca Grande.

Captain fishting a Tarpon Its been a good day when the captain get to fight a tarpon. I hooked this tarpon in the upper Charlotte Harbor.

Captain releasing a tarpon The tarpon ended up weighing in around 100-pounds.

Tarpon Fishing Punta Gorda This tarpon came from just inshore of Boca Grande Pass in the lower area of Charlotte harbor.

Sanibel Tarpon Fishing Boca Grande holds tarpon throughout most of the summer and into the fall. This tarpon was one of many that we caught near the end of September.

Huge Tarpon This giant tarpon is one of about a half dozen 200lb class tarpon that we caught in the Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor area.

225 pound tarpon release This 200lb club tarpon was probably closer 225 lbs and was caught jigging for tarpon in Boca Grande Pass.

Charlotte Harbor Tarpon Tarpon move into our area as early as late March or early April. This spring tarpon was caught way up Charlotte Harbor near the city of Punta Gorda.

Boca Grande tarpon fishing in October

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

Boca Grande Pass Tarpon Fishing October 2010

October 2010 Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Fishing October 2010 in Boca Grande Pass

Boca Grande Pass leadered tarpon

A caught tarpon in Boca Grande Pass October 2010


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